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Core Winding Machine

Automatic amorphous core winding machine is one of our main product, the principle is that the servo motor directly contributing to the rolled needle through the gear drive, which is more accurate, reliable and efficient than the traditional machine. Thereby, ensuring that the amorphous strip dimensions keeps up with number of turns, which could improve the quality of the toroidal core.

The output of the production could reach 10-20 pcs/ min, it is more fast 3 times than manual work, and the rate of qualified products can reach 99.5%. At the same time, a workman can operate five or six machines, it greatly reduces the production management expenses and the product costs. Automatic alloy amorphous core winding machine is the best choice for the production of amorphous strip toroidal core and ultra- crystal strip toroidal core.

The winding, cutting, welding of inner and outer rings are done automatically, it uses the fixed size to produce. We are committed to promoting the amorphous strip toroidal core, ultra-crystal strip toroidal core.

Core winding machine


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