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Contact Us

Address(1): No.2-1803 Soubao Business Center, No.16 South-West Third Ring Road, Beijing, China.
Address(2): No.9-607 YingBin Business Building, No.609 Wenfeng Road, Anyang city,Henan Province, China.
Phone: 0086-372-2190222
Fax: 0086-372-2190333

Branch Office in Bangladesh:
Contact:  Macros Zhang
Tel•: 01726533139
Address: House #72, Park road, Baridhra, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Four Divisions and Contact Information as Following:

(1) Grain and Industry Powder Storage Silo
Contact: Doris Lei
Tel: 0086 13213291534
Whats app: +86 13525840691
Doris Lei
(2) Grain and Spice Processing Machine
Contact: Anny Zhang
Tel: 0086 13213263002
Whats app: +86 13213263002
(3) Heating Energy Equipment
Contact: Angelina Xiao
Cell Phone: 0086 13213273311
Whats app: +86 18588205094
Angelina Xiao
(4) Wood Working Machine
Contact: Robben Han
Tel: 0086 13213283799
Whats app: +86 13707666701
Robben Han

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