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Ice Cream Stick Production Line

Would you want to know ice cream stick processing flow


Ice Cream Stick Processing Flow:

Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine - - Tri-carved Cutting Machine - - Stoving and Polishing Machine - - Chamfering Machine - - Branding Machine - - Selecting Machine - - Bundling Machine

No 01. Double Segment Rotary Cutting Machine

This machine has a high accuracy which can ensure producing the standard, required and settled thickness of the wood slices to guarantee the quality of the final sticks and less waste raw material. All the Wheel Gear Material is adopting the 45# Cast Steel and the Nut & Turbine are made of Tin Bronze 663#.

No 02. Tri-carved Cutting Machine

This machine is used to cut the wood board into certain size wood products, such as ice cream sticks, ice scoop, magnum and tongue depressor etc. The width and thickness of wood sticks can all be adjustable. The machine has safety protection system to protect the worker from getting injured and ensure the machine operating smoothly.

No 03. Stoving and Polishing Machine

This machine applies to dry the ice cream stick, tongue depressor, etc. and also has the function to polish the wooden products. You also need a boiler to provide the steam for stewing the segment and drying in this procedure.

No 04. Ice Cream Stick Branding Machine

This machine adopts international standard drive mechanism to realize the machine working orderly and properly, reducing deviation and making the product looks beautiful. It has a high efficiency, high output and low rejection rate. When the material channel is empty, the branding parts will be raised automatically to prevent the repeated brand.

No05. Ice Cream Stick Selecting Machine

This machine applies to check unqualified sticks, such as short sticks、narrow sticks、thin sticks and bend sticks. Meanwhile, it has a function to dust them.

No 06. Ice Cream Stick Chamfering Machine

Chamfering machine is a kind of fine processing equipment for processing ice cream stick used in wood products or cold food plant. It is mainly used for rounding edges and corners of ice cream stick, magnum and tongue depressor etc. This is to make the appearance of the products more suitable and perfect to reach the export standard of the wood products.

No07. Ice Cream Stick Bundling Machine

This machine is used for bundling the ice cream sticks, tongue depressor and ice spoon, etc. The controlling system adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC computer controller. The bundling material can be laminated paper and kraft paper, customers can choose each of the method based on the practical need.

Ice Cream Stick Making Machine Working Video:

Technical Parameter

Name Capacity Power 
Qty HS Code Volume
Gross Weight
Rotary Cutting Machine 460000pcs/h 20.2 1 Set 84659600 7.14 2400
Punch Cutting Machine 180000pcs/h 2.2 1 Set 84659600 1.64 650
Drying and Polishing Machine 70000pcs/h 11 1 Set 84659600 27.83 3200
Ice Cream Stick Chamfering machines 20000pcs/h 1.5 1 Set 84659300 0.92 280
Ice Cream Stick Wheel Type Selecting Machine 60000pcs/h 0.37 1 Set 84798999 1.75 310
Ice Cream Stick Bundling Machine 55000pcs/h 1.3 1 Set 84224000 3.04 460

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