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Bidragon Boiler Achieves Major Win in Bangladesh

Dec 18, 2023

Bidragon Boiler has achieved a monumental feat in the Bangladeshi market, securing a string of significant orders. This breakthrough signifies a pivotal moment for the company, demonstrating its commitment to quality, service, and building strong local partnerships.

The impressive haul includes:

Palmal Group: 1 set 10 ton coal fired steam boiler and 2 sets 4×104 kcal coal-fired thermal oil boilers.
Mamun Group: A 2×10kcal solid fuel thermal oil boiler.
Mahbub Group of Industries: 1 set 16 ton coal fired steam boiler.
TK Group: Two sets 20 ton gas fired steam boilers.
Osman Group of Industries:  1set 5 ton solid multi fuel steam boiler.
Rashni Poly Fiber Industries LTD.: 1 set 3×104 kcal gas fired thermal oil boiler.
Mohubor Rahma Particle Mills(PVT) LTD.: 1 set 6×104 kcal coal fired thermal oil boiler.



This string of successes speaks volumes about Bidragon Boiler's dedication to exceeding customer expectations. Their unwavering focus on:

High-Quality Products: YINENG boilers adhere to stringent international standards, ensuring exceptional reliability and safety. A robust quality management system guarantees consistent excellence.
Comprehensive After-Sales Service: Bidragon Boiler boasts a dedicated local after-sales team in Bangladesh, readily available to provide prompt and professional maintenance services, giving customers peace of mind.
Professional Sales Team: Their sales personnel possess deep market knowledge, enabling them to tailor solutions that flawlessly match individual customer needs.

Moving forward, Bidragon Boiler remains steadfast in its commitment to the Bangladeshi market. The company pledges to:

Maintain Top-Tier Quality: They will continue to prioritize quality at every stage, upholding their "quality first, customer first" philosophy.
Enhance Customer Service: Bidragon Boiler is dedicated to further strengthening its local after-sales service network, ensuring even faster and more comprehensive support.
Foster Local Partnerships: Building strong relationships with Bangladeshi businesses remains a core focus, promoting mutual growth and prosperity.

Bidragon Boiler's triumph in Bangladesh serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality, service, and local partnerships. As they continue to blaze a trail in this dynamic market, their commitment to excellence promises to benefit not only Bangladeshi businesses but also customers around the world.