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Do you know why the heat conduction oil furnace coking phenomenon?

Feb 28, 2022

Do you know why the heat conduction oil furnace coking phenomenon?cid=6

Heat conduction oil furnace when the bed temperature is lower than ash deformation temperature, caused by local over temperature or low temperature sintering of coked said coking at low temperature, low temperature focal piece is loose with many embedded not sintering of particles.High and fluidized bed temperature normal says high temperature anti-coking coking phenomenon, which is formed by the high temperature coke block surface is basically a molten, and after cooling is dark brown with small amounts of porosity.Running and fluidized bed temperature, bed pressure normal cases appeared slowly grow up focal piece called progressive coking, coking is more difficult to detect it.Coking in furnace is due to the high temperature, low temperature of anti-coking coking, progressive coking coal and oil burning for a long time and fluidized coking caused by abnormal, whether it is what causes of coking, once the clinker in the bed material and with the passage of time, the focal piece will be more and more big, cause the fluidization difficulties, blocked discharge pipe, finally forced to stop the furnace.

Know the cause of the heat conduction oil furnace coking, we should avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon, from the sources so as to prolong the service life of the heat conduction oil furnace.Hebei art boiler co., LTD., over the years has been engaged in the production and sales of heat conduction oil furnace, quality assured, welcome the masses of customers to choose.