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Milk Yogurt Making Machine Milk Processing Machine

Automatic Stainless Steel Milk Production Line can produce milk, yogurt, juice and other drinks. For beverage product, includes homogenizer, pasteurizer machine and refrigerator.


Yogurt production process: milk collection → milk purification → sterilization → homogenization → (fermentation) → cooling → filling → refrigeration

This production line is used for the production of yoghurt fermented milk. The production line of different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements and output. The entire production line includes milk collection, blending system, homogenization sterilization system, fermentation system, cooling system, filling system, CIP system Wait.

Application Field Description

This equipment is widely used in the determination and update of the original formula of fresh milk, soy milk, biopharmaceuticals, soy products, liquid condiments, etc., product taste screening, color evaluation, stabilizer/emulsifier application, new product development and batch processing Production of milk products. This production pasteurizer integrates heating, sterilization, cooling and hot filling.

 Technical Parameter:

Number Name No. Name
1 Re frigeration Tank 2 Duplex filter
3 Preheat tank 4 Homogenizer
5 Pasteurization Tank 6 Plate type sterilization machine
7 Tubular sterilization machine 8 Pre-cooling tank
9 Yogurt fermentation tank 10 Filling machine
11 CIP cleaning machine 11 Final product

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