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Rice Husk Silo Project In Indonesia

Apr 10, 2024

The problem of rice husk storage has always been a difficult problem for many users. In some rice mills, the rice husks cannot be stored well, which leads to dust, and covers a large area, which is not convenient for plant management. And the problems in storage temperature, storage time and unloading mode are also common.

The rice husk silo designed and installed by our company this time refers to the experience and methods of other projects before, and has developed some supplementary measures. For example, install an air cannon and change the angle of the silo bottom. The silo is a cone bottom silo with a diameter of about 8 meters and a storage capacity of more than 800 m3. The silo body is made of galvanized sheet, with good anti-corrosion effect and long design life; The steel silo top is designed with a corresponding dust collector according to the amount of feeding, and is equipped with a safety rope and a safety valve. The negative pressure dilute phase conveying system of Roots blower is adopted for feeding system, which has high efficiency and few failures. It is the best choice for many users in recent years.


We has the honor to cooperate with well-known international companies to install this Indonesia rice husk silo project. With the joint efforts of both parties, from project design, production and transportation, to project site installation, it took half a year to complete in an orderly manner at the end of August.

Thank you very much for the trust of customers and the hard work of colleagues on site. Sincerely wish customers a thriving business.