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Kitchen and Restaurant Garlic Separating Machine


Introduction of garlic separating machine:

This kitchen and resturant garlic separating machine uses food-grade silicone, the garlic, squeeze rub the bulk of the split up and down the gap and the centrifugal force of the silica gel plate , garlic stems, garlic, built-in fan while blowing away from the machine, can be recycled ; separated good large garlic cloves rolled out from the machine on the other side.


Features of garlic separating machine

The performance of this machine: the large output, the split rate, low damage, cleaning maintenance is extremely convenient; applicable in a variety of species and the size of the garlic;



Technical Parameter

Parameters of garlic separating machine

Main frame power: 1.1Kw

Fan powder: 0.375Kw

Dimensions: 1170*570*1270mm

Output: 500-800Kg/h

Material: stainless steel


Kitchen and Restaurant Garlic Separating Machine


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