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Intelligent Fully Automatic Toroidal Coil Winding Machine

Intelligent fully automatic toroidal coil winding machine adopts PLC human-machine interface control system, with simple and reasonable design and operation, and is suitable for the production of various types of toroidal coils.


1. You can replace the wire storage ring and guide wheel by yourself according to different product requirements. The equipment adopts a road-mounted design with a simple and compact appearance. With the servo motor, the driving action is smooth, precise and stable. All transmissions and standard parts are from well-known brands, with long life and stable performance.
2. Various winding methods can be customized according to different product requirements (such as: counter-winding, secondary wire storage, etc.)

3. When a fault occurs, the winding machine will automatically stop and alarm, and the alarm item will be displayed on the touch screen.

4. Configure corresponding wire storage rings and corresponding guide wheels according to customer requirements.
PLC can store a variety of different winding modes. Each device can adapt to the winding requirements of multiple products. Both storage and winding adopt double pulse recognition and have detection functions.
6. This equipment already has a number of invention patents and utility model patents.

Technical Parameter

Power supply 220V/110V 50/60HZ
Air pressure 0.6Kpa-0.8Kpa
Maximum wire diameter 0.2mm
Minimum wire diameter 0.05mm
Maximum finished outer diameter 35mm
Minimum finished outer diameter 6mm
Maximum finished product height 20mm
Line spacing control Programming control
Sectional winding control Programming control
Cumulative winding control Programming control
Cable motor Hybrid stepping motor
Main motor Servo motor
Winding speed Adjustable, the fastest equipment is 1400rpm
Physical dimension 1100mm*900mm*1700mm
Weight 72kg

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